Trivandrum Bible College
A Project of New Life Ministries
Brief History

Trivandrum Bible College (TBC) is a project of New Life Ministries (NLM). The NLM is a faith ministry started in Churachandpur, Manipur in 1979. It was born in response to ‘Heavenly vision' to reach the unreached millions in India. The individuals and churches specially in North East India and other places responded with great excitement and started supporting NLM

The Lord blessed NLM and it grew in size and with many projects like Orphanages, Educational Institutions, Health and Medical care, Community Development Projects, Vocational Training and Relief Programmes. The administration of NLM took a new direction in 2006 and it is vested in a joint leadership consisting of three persons, namely, Mr. Georgey Varghese as the Executive Director, Rev. A. M. Kuriachan as Director projects and Mr. P. K. George as the Director for finance. In 2012 since Rev. A. M. Kuriachan left for another ministry the NLM leadership reduced in to Mr. Georgey Varghese as the Executive Director and Mr. P. K. George as the Director for finance. Then in 2017 March Mr. Georgey Varghese voluntarily turned to another ministry Rev. A. M. Kuriachan took over the charge of the executive director for some time. So when he had to concentrate on various another ministries the NLM board decided in November to appoint Mr. P. K. George the Director for finance to be the Executive Director at the same time he would also hold the responsibility of the Director for finance. He was the Executive Director upto June 5, 2019. Now NLM is bifurcated and Mr Georgey Vargheses took the charge of the Executive Director of NLM outside Manipur and Mr. James Larobul as the Executive Director of  Manipur

The Executive Board resolved to open a Bible College in Trivandrum as a logical continuation of training young people for Pioneer Evangelism, Church Planting and Social Works. On 28th January 1989 TBC was officially inaugurated by Dr. Th. Lamboi Vaiphei, the then chairman of NLM.

TBC was privileged to have late Evangelist C. V. George, who was an eminent Bible Teacher and Scholar who had rich experience in the ministry for over 60 years.

Dr. Charles John, the director of the Good News Correspondence School, Trivandrum, gave the right hand fellowship in this venture of faith and he became the first Principal of the college on a voluntary basis.

In January 1992 Mr. P. A. Varghese was deputed by the New Life Ministries to be the Principal of TBC. He continued for one year and left for higher studies in Jan.1993.

Since 1994 Rev. A. M. Kuraichan has been the principal with an exemption of two years in between when he took leave for his further studies untile 2012. Bro. Georgey Varghese, the then National Co-ordinator of NLM, took the charge of the principal from 1997 to 1999. The Administrative Body of NLM is giving all possible help and guidance for the success of the institution. When Rev. A.M. Kuriachan left for another responsibiblity of ministries Mr. Georgey Varghese took over the charge of the Principal from June 2012 to March 2017. From March 2017 Rev. A.M. Kuriachan again took the responsibility of the Principle  upto October 2017. After that the NLM Board resolved that the Vice Principle Mr. V. Mathew Eldo to be the principle and appointed him to the post of principle from November 2017 onwards

Though TBC was started in a rented building in 1989, God opened a way to have it’s own land in 1990 and started the building construction in December 1991. While the construction was in progress, thatched sheds were used for the accommodation, Offices and Classrooms.

In the course of time the campus took a new shape under the able administration and efficient leadership of (late) C. V. Baby (a civil engineer by profession), the then Administrative Secretary of New Life Ministries, then the College made a great progress in its standard and appearance. Today TBC stands with multi-storied buildings, able to accommodate above 100 students and faculty members. The first course started was Bachelor of Theology with the aim of preparing young people for Pioneer Missionary work with sound knowledge of the Scriptures and Fundamental Doctrines. And as it progressed the administration felt the need for starting a Master’s Course with the view to prepare those who want to take up pastoral and mission challenges. At the same time this also will help them to take up further postgraduate studies. MAY THE NAME OF THE LORD BE GLORIFIED FOR HIS MIRACULOUS PROVISIONS.

TBC is a model of ‘Mini India’ with students and faculty hailing from different states of India. Truly, cultures so diverse, yet ONE IN THE BOND OF CHRIST’S LOVE.