Trivandrum Bible College
A Project of New Life Ministries
Academic Programs

The following courses are offered at Trivandrum Bible College and are all absolutely Bible Centered, and aims to impart knowledge and equip the students for practical ministry


Diploma in Theology is a two year programme for those who have passed S. S. L. C/H. S. L. C. This is designed to provide a basic understanding of the Bible and Christian faith. This course covers all important and basic lessons on theology and doctrines and prepares the students for evangelism and mission work. This programme has 75 credit hours. One summer ministry (internship) is a requirement for the graduation.


Bachelor of Theology is a three -year programme of 115 credit hours for those passed Higher Secondary or 10 +2 and have good working knowledge of English. This is an intensive study in all biblical studies, doctrines and practical ministries, and aims to prepare students for Pastoral and mission ministries. Students will be given sufficient opportunity for practical work. Two summer ministry and obtaining a C grade mark in the comprehensive examination in the final year are a requirement for graduation.


Master of Divinity is a two-year programme for those who have completed Bachelor of Theology and three years for those who have completed a degree course from any recognized university. This course is designed to provide a strong foundation in biblical, theological and practical knowledge and prepares one to deal the theological and practical issues critically and biblically and enables one to be a strong defender of truths of the scripture in their pastoral, mission or other Christian Education ministries. Much emphasis is given on expository preaching, counseling and Christian leadership. Language study (Greek and Hebrew) is compulsory. Total credit hours to complete in two-year programme is 75 credit hours and in three year programme is 114 credit hours. And a two months summer ministry (internship) for M. Div. two years and a three months summer ministry for M. Div. three years is a requirement for graduation.


To complete the M. Div. one has to satisfactorily complete a Thesis of 13,000 words (about 50-60 pages), in the final year and procure a minimum grade of C+ in the Oral comprehensive test which will be held towards the end of the course. Thesis will carry 2 credit hours.


  1. A thesis approval form has to be submitted to the Academic Dean with at least three topics in the order of preference, on or before 5th July in the prescribed form.

  2. When the thesis topic is approved by the Academic Dean’s office, the student has to submit a thesis proposal for acceptance or modification on or before 15th July. The proposal must contain, the Title, the research problem, Importance, Objectives, Limitation and procedure or method of the research. A proposed outline with the bibliography of at least 10 books also must be included.

  3. Once the approval is done, the first chapter of the thesis must be submitted on or before 15th August.

  4.  After the acceptance of the first chapter the student can write the remaining chapters under the supervision of the faculty guide.

  5. The last chapter must be submitted on or before 7th December.

  6. Now, the student has to put the entire thesis in its proper order and submit it to the guide in the last week of December.

  7. Once the first draft is approved the student can go ahead with the final draft and get it checked by the guide. Two copies of the thesis properly bound must be submitted to the Academic Dean’s office on or before 4th January. (one copy is for the college library and another will be graded and returned to the student).


Qualifying examination will be conducted in the areas of Theology, and General biblical knowledge and Mission for B.Th course. For M.Div. course, the test will cover the areas of Biblical Exposition, Theology, and Mission.


There will be a final examination at the end of each semester. Class promotion is given on the basis of a student’s over all performance. Each student is evaluated by the faculty at the end of every academic year. Promotion is granted according to this evaluation.

Minimum requirement for class promotion is a pass mark with 40% mark in each subject and an aggregate of 45% in each year for Dip.Th and B.Th courses.

Students failing in more than three subjects in one academic year will not be promoted. However, promotion may be given to those who fail even up to four subjects if they score a pass mark of 50% for the failed subject in the re-examination.

A student will get only one chance for the re-take examination in a year. If he/she fails in the re-take examination another chance to write it again will be given only at the time of final examination in the following year..

As for the Masters Course the minimum requirement for class promotion is a pass mark with 40% in each subject and an aggregate marks of 50% in each year. Students failing in more than two subjects in the Masters course in a year will not be given promotion. However, promotion may be given to those who fail up to two subjects if they meet the above pass percentage in the re-examination.


All students are required to attend all classes. If any one wants to take leave on a genuine reason, a written application signed by warden and counter signed by the dean should be submitted to the Academic Dean's office. Any student who does not have 80% class attendance will not be permitted to write the semester examination. A minimum of three absence is allowed for each subject. Absence crosses more than three in any case will be resulting reducing one grade from the final grade.


Classes are arranged for five days a week (Monday-Fridday.). Each day there will be five periods of 45 minutes each from 8.00 a.m to 12.55 p.m The credit hours of a paper is calculated on the basis of 45 minutes periods per week for about sixteen weeks. Two credit hour papers means two classes per week for about 16 weeks and so on.


For Bachelor's Course

  1. 1. Successful completion of credit hours required in each course.

  2. Satisfactory completion of outreach ministry in the college and the summer ministry during the vacation. (See internship on page below).

  3. 80% class attendance.

  4. Student has demonstrated a very good moral and spiritual character and discipline during his stay and study.

  5. Settlement of all bills with the college

  6. Recommendation of the faculty.

For Master's Course

  1. 1. One has to meet all requirements mentioned above.

  2. Successful completion of an approved thesis with a minimum grade of C+/50%

  3. Satisfactory performance in the comprehensive tests (oral/written) with C+/50%


Internship is a practical ministry that a student needs to involve. It is meant to give a proper understanding of nature and ministry of the local church. The student should involve in various ministries of the church and use their biblical, doctrinal and theological understanding for the blessing of others and they should become more skillful in using their talents, and make them more mature in their spiritual ministerial outlook. A total of 4 months’ ministry involvement is required,using 2 months of summer vacation for Dip.Th. and two months each of the two summer vacations for B.Th. students, and two months of the summer vacation ministry for the students of two years Master’s programme. And for students of three-year Master’s programme, 2 summer vacation ministry is a must.

The ministry should be undertaken under the guidance of a senior pastor, and this should be done in consultation with the Academic Dean’s office. Both the student involved in the ministry and the leader/pastor under whose guidance the ministry is done, have to submit a written report of the ministry to the academic dean. This report is taken in to account as one of the eligibilities for graduation. Graduation of those students who have not done internship ministry will be withheld until he/she meets this requirement.